2020 - mixed technique - cotton - 59.4 x 52.3"

d'Alfonso      Perla

SYNERGIES IN MOTION - a Tribute to the "dap synergy" - shots by Michela Tomiselli


In 2002, after following individual paths aimed at developing a personal creative process, we  decided to share a workshop. This daily relationship stimulated the birth of a four handed project. Dialogue, the fertile ground of our work, shaped a conceptual construction whose origin is in the surname that binds us, Perla (we are sisters-in-law). This research on the pearl, with studies and readings on its symbolic meaning in different cultures and civilizations, its presence in mythology, its biological origin, brought our respective aesthetic and existential experiences in touch. The image of the pearl slowly changed from an exogenous element into an inner suggestion and opened new channels of communication. The osmosis between the two individualities, generated by these new routes, allowed us to arrive at a common language, Sabìr.







  RAW Rome Art Week, “Monochromacolor^, Group exhibition, Studio Campo Boario, Rome - Italy.

•  In Scena!, In Scena! Award, Career Awards realized by dap, Italian Institute of Culture, New York – USA.

  “Sabìr limitless journey”, Solo exhibition, Time Gallery, New York - USA.



  XXXIII Porticato Gaetano, “Environmental Emergency”, Group exhibition, Museum Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta - Italy.



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   SHE IS, “SHE IS... 2020”, Group exhibition, One Art Space Gallery, New York - USA.



   Sinergie Solidali, "Woman: from Object to Subject", Group exhibition, Association seat, Rome - Italy.

   RAW Rome Art Week, “Ciaccerata immaginatopeica”, a participated artistic project, INMI L. Spallanzani, Rome -     Italy.

    The work, "Ciaccerata... at Spallanzani", is now part of the art collection of the Institute.

   ASREA, “ASREA 2019”, Group exhibition, Ex Cartiera Latina - Nagasawa Hall, Rome - Italy.

   "Sabir - Visionary bridge", Solo exhibition, One Art Space Gallery, New York - USA.



   XXX Porticato Gaetano, “The space and the time of memory”, Group exhibition, Museum Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta - Italy.

Certificate of special mention. The work, "TMS", is now part of the contemporary art collection of the Pinacoteca.

   Umbria Art, “Umbria Art Festival”, Group exhibition, urban location, Terni - Italy.

   "Sabìr pictorial plots", Solo exhibition, Pagea Contemporary Art Gallery, Angri - Italy.



   Bottega Perla, "M.A.L.A.", Solo exhibition, Art Studio Monfalcone 16, Rome – Italy.



   Bottega Perla, "The colors of water", Solo exhibition, Art Studio Monfalcone 16, Rome - Italy.



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   Corpo forestale dello stato, "Art & Nature - 188° Annual of foundation”, Group exhibition, Piazza del Popolo, Rome - Italy.



  Cultural Association Studio 5, “The doors of the Mediterranean" 3rd Edition, Group exhibition, Cloister of Paolotti, Conversano - Italy.



   Bottega Perla "Season at the Theatre", Solo exhibition, Euclide Theatre, Rome - Italy.

   International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art, 27th Fair of East and Mediterranean, Bari - Italy.

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Association Studio 5, Italy.