2020 - mixed technique - cotton - 59.4 x 52.3"

d'Alfonso      Perla

«The Sabìrs are instants of a clear and defined theme, of a cultural attitude, of a dynamic existential condition ...»

Vito Boffoli, director, author


«Composed as ancient codes, figures put together like an arcane Decalogue, they unveil a lost language,comprehensible only to those who know how to observe with a free eye...»

Francesco Cecchi, writer


«A mixed technique that achieves, through conscious and never banal touches, multiple effects of weft and warp that ideally retrace the many stories sketched across the routes of ancient civilizations. »
Claudio Cimino e A. Damiano Adelfio, Alchemia Project Associates, architetti


«Space expands and draws us into the infinitely large or the infinitely small, in abstraction or living matter, in the flow of life or in the stratification of history.»

Manuela Comito, translator


«Air, Earth, Fire and Water, the four elements of life, are wisely presented in the Sabìrs of Luigia and Ada.»
Antonella Farina, research biologist


«Torn and recomposed cloths on gauzes, light yet strong enough to hold up for a long journey, strong enough to weave a bridge between stories and cultures overlooking the Mediterranean. A web of signs and threads that tie together to conjure an enchantment of abstract lines, each time imperceptibly different, labyrinths of the soul and the heart.»

Penelope Filacchione, art curator, art historian


«The work of Luigia d'Alfonso and Ada Perla creates powerful alchemies for the eyes and the mind, forests blend into seas, abstract signs into concrete objects.»
Leonardo Jattarelli, journalist, writer


«The use of each specific tint is dictated by highly pondered and deliberate choices: the color begins to unfold according to an absolutely abstract formal alphabet; this abstraction of form, however, does not weaken its emotional reverberation, rather it strengthens every single suggestion.»

Sebina Montagno, actress, freelance journalist


«In their works, memory and oblivion appear as two complementary entities, as aspects in which to lose oneself or surface again. »

Rosanna Ruscio, art historian


«Luigia d'Alfonso and Ada Perla invite us to set sail and openly suggest a journey through recognizable, symbolic elements that coexist with abstract, fluid or color-stopped signs and shapes. Each work, every "vision", focuses on a theme found in the conception of the Mediterranean so well expressed by Fernand Braudel: "An immense sponge that has slowly imbued itself with all knowledge". »
Roberto Savi, curator